About Us

As Ashland's family-owned jeweler for over 50 years we have the experience, knowledge and ability to satisfy all of your jewlery needs.

When you step into our store we want every experience to be as enjoyable and simple for you as possible. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and the ability to find the perfect solution for any of our customers' needs.

Sales is only part of what Tompkins Jewelers staff is here for. We enjoy creating custom pieces for our clients or repairing a treasured item. With our attention to detail we ensure that every item is inspected and the customer is aware of all the possible solutions to each repair.

If you can dream it, we can create it - come see us!!

The site was inspired by the vision of those who love our elegance, history and creativity. Tompkins Jewelers was created by a team of experts in both the jewelry industry and online commerce, rather than jewelers trying to sell online or online retailers trying to tap a growth industry.

Tompkins Jewelers creates a best-in-class relationship with online consumers by offering superior products through a customer focused experience.